Marjorie Invokes the Constitution!

The US House of Representative’s resident constitutional scholar, Marjorie Taylor Greene, pointed out in a recent tweet, how Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is defying the constitution.

KA-BAM Nancy.

How can Nancy Pelosi fine Marjorie for still refusing to wear a mask?

  1. Because: Article 1, Section 6, Clause 1 clearly delineates when a rate of salary can be altered and when it can go into effect. It does not state that congressional member’s payrate cannot be altered. This clause has no mention of deductions.
  2. A deduction is not a rate of pay, no more than anyone’s deductions in their paycheck have anything to do with pay rate(e.g., social security, union dues, State or Fed taxes). These affect take-home pay, not salary level.
  3. Furthermore, Article 1, Section 5, Clause 2 states House members may be punished for disorderly behavior according to it’s own rules. The punishments include, but aren’t limited to: Expulsion, Censure, Reprimand, and Fine.
  4. The only reason the mask mandate hasn’t been removed from the House is because…guess. Because some members of the House refuse to get the fucking vaccine.
  5. Marj’s stance of “for the children,” is at once fucking ridiculous, because it has nothing to do with anyone’s child, and appropriate, because she has the knowledge base and critical reasoning skills of a small, preschool child.

Nancy Pelosi has not forced anyone to take the vaccine, but she will enforce the mask wearing rule until everyone is vaccinate.

GOP Select Gooftard Conference:

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