Marj Turns Tables on Media!

Marjorie Taylor Green reveals that she is actually the one being attacked, and comes with receipts to prove it!

“She feels threatened to be able to discuss the policy of the Green New Deal, is that what she’s saying?” Greene asks. (No, she was saying she feels threatened by you, dimwit.)

In response to wide-spread criticism that Marj was acting like a rabid dog in her recent confrontation with AOC, She linked her proof on twitter, in a story from some garbage site called- This after Marj set aside 9 hours to read all 14 pages of the Green New Deal’s guidelines, and inform AOC that she was now prepared to “debate” the Green New Deal.

Proof #1, as linked in this story by

A video posted by AOC on Jan 14th describing the Jan. 6th insurrection. AOC said she did not feel safe with some GOP members of Congress because they refused to wear masks, after which 3 Democratic members became infected with Covid19. She said, she felt her location might be disclosed because some unnamed members of Congress were Qanon supporters and white supremacists.

Proof #2

Democrat Congressman San Nicolas, of Guam, stopped by her office with members of the Guam National Guard to leave her a gift. Marj wasn’t there, so they continued on to offices of other Congresspeople. The guard, smiling and excited, came armed with phones to take pictures of the congresspeople. Everyone is cordial and having a good time. Truly frightening.

“I had over 30 National Guard marched on my office by the delegate of Guam. Thank God I wasn’t in there,” Greene said.

Proof #3

Rep. Cori Bush is described to be screaming at her to put on a mask, something Marj didn’t feel obliged to do during the height of the pandemic. The linked story is about Cori Bush using gender neutral terms in a congressional meeting, when describing the plight of black women in pregnancy. Marj. doesn’t appear to be concerned about the plight of black women, because the gender neutral terms used are the actual issue here. So, that just proves Cori Bush yelled at her about not wearing a mask..somehow, and doing so was inappropriate.

Proof #4

Representative Marie Newman “shoulder-checked” Marj. Linked is a story concerning Marjorie’s childish attacks on Newman’s legislation for equality of LGBTQ people, the escalating tension in the hallways when both members erected signs outside their offices facing each other, and Marj’s mockery of Newman’s trans daughter. So, there’s your shoulder check…eh, must be implied somehow.

Proof #5.

Rep. Eric Swalwell got in some heated exchange with a Marjorie staffer about wearing masks. Linked is a story about a Democratic lawsuit against Donald Trump for the Jan. 6th insurrection. ?

I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

Proof #6

Congresspeople Ilhan Omar and Rashid Taleb support Hamas terrorists. I’m not sure how, even if true, this is a threat to Marj. Linked story describes the two congresspeople’s horror at the level of destruction against Palestinians in the current unrest in Israel. No mention of either congressperson supporting or even mentioning Hamas.

As an aside, I don’t see how this was not going to be an immediate escalation, considering. Honestly did anyone think this would have a positive outcome?

لينة on Twitter: “Red Crescent: 163 Palestinians have been injured, 23 hospitalized as Israelis fire sound bombs and tear gas inside the Al Aqsa Mosque compound” / Twitter

One thing positive from it, Benny will now be able to build a coalition government, right? Just when the other parties were going to form a coalition government and force him out. Timing’s a little funny, don’t ya think.

Proof # 7

From Marj’s on lips:

“And then I get harassed by the press every single day,” Greene said, “about January 6, and I’ve said the entire time, literally, starting on that day, during the riot, how much I’m upset by it, how much I’m against, and how appalled I am by it. I was a victim of it as well.

It would appear that every noted aggression against Marj., is unsupported by the referenced story. Is she attacked when every idiotic thing she says and does is questioned by the media? Sounds like a familiar tactic. She is literally begging to be a poster child for dealing with the consequences of one’s own actions…and that’s where the money of fools, spotlight, and twitter fame lies.

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