Marj is Fighting!

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Q darling of GA-14, is fighting! She is taking on all comers, right after she pokes them in the eye with her nonsense.

It is not entirely clear what Marj stands for or what she is fighting for, but rest assured, she is fighting. Her only consistent trait is a yearning for anarchy represented in the perpetual attacks on facts, reason, and logic, and those that seek to maintain the standard of a public moored in reality. Her created, perpetually enmity of everyone that isn’t her or Donny Trump, indicates we will be watching 2 years of bomb-throwing from a nincompoop with no interest in being a legislator.

Marj’s only obvious agenda is to be a social media force for those whom prefer blind rage to reason, and are convinced that everyone is out to get them. There are conspiracies EVERYWHERE. Everyone must be attacked. Everything needs to be destroyed.


On behalf of her Georgia colleague.

What a piece of work. this lady is effing crazy.

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